Tuesday, February 7, 2012


As we continue on through this course many things have caught my attention, some good some not so much. While I appreciate this course and it's content I do have a few hang ups. One of them is about the wiki page. Not complaining about the assignment don't assume that I am. But how is it that our pages are considered "garbage" when the majority of the groups did there parts of the page pretty decently. I understand that 1 group did nothing, and another didn't follow directions, but you don't say the whole Alabama football team is garbage just because the kicker can't make a kick. Also, it was a rough draft, no one in writing hardly ever does something right the first time(I covered that in one of my previous posts) What I'm trying to say is that the page itself was solid, some faults were in it yes, but a solid rough draft of something none of us have ever done before nonetheless. And I hope i'm not being construed as being critical of the teacher because I'm not. Mrs. Sasser is one of the better english teachers I've had, these are just some observations. Another thing I am struggling to understand is why is everything all or nothing? Like the online course work. Last week,  In the middle of doing all of these assignments I mistakenly overlooked the quiz. With all the work that was due that day it is understandable how it could get overlooked. But because of not completing this quiz, me and my group have a recorded unexcused absence. Even though we did the majority of the work that was due to be counted present. I personally do not think this policy is fair for the students that do make an effort to do the work and do it well. Also with the English departments rather punitive freshman attendance policies, it seems maybe the teachers could cut us a little bit of slack considering this is a freshman class.  I think a 75% would be a good cutoff to determine our online attendance.  That way we can afford to overlook somethings sometimes without having to worry about getting an unexcused absences.
*Disclaimer- This post was not meant to be critical, it was only to express my opinion on this course through my assignment.

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