Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Where Do We Come From?

The information I'm about to share with you may be controversial to some. If the Ancient Astronaut theories are true than this would change everything. I warn you that some of this information is, quite frankly, disturbing. But to fully be able to understand where we came from and what our purpose is here on Earth, we must be willing to look at all possibilities of creation and who or what started it all.

I have recently come across a very old book. Older than the Bible we know today. It is called the Kolbrin. This book has been carefully guarded by Celtic priests for centuries and is only now being released for the general public (Kolbrin Website). Its account for the creation of man is quite intriguing. It says that we are not created by God but by a race we understood at the time as Gods because the ancients had no concept of the technology that they possessed. It reads that the Gods came down from the heavens on "dragons" that spit fire and smoke. Now where they dragons in the biological sense? Or were the ancients trying to explain away what they saw because they had no concept of what a rocket was? I think the latter. I encourage anyone curious to read the Kolbrin's account of creation. It is very mind opening.

The Book of Enoch was found with the Dead Sea Scrolls. These scrolls were also written before the Bible. Enoch's parables tell of an ancient race of fallen "angels" called The Watchers. These watchers came to Earth (according to the book) to mate with the daughters of men. These watchers also schooled men on Astronomy, how to make better swords, and advanced combat training. Now would the God that we know from the Bible send his angels to Earth to mate with the daughters of men and teach man to kill with precision? My gut says no. Also the word angel has been misinterpreted through history. The word angel comes from the Greek word "Angelos" which means messenger. Not something divine. (Read The Book of Enoch Here.

There have been accounts of UFO sightings all throughout history. This is not a modern phenomena. There is an account from Nuremberg, Germany in 1561 of a great battle taking place in the sky above. Everyone in the town saw this. (Source) The ancient Maya and Egyptians, that coexisted on two different sides of the planet at the same time. Had remarkably close ideology, architectural prowess, and an advanced understanding of astronomy. Both have legends of Gods coming down from the Heaven on "Chariots of Fire" and these Gods schooled them on how to build  megalithic structures such as the pyramids. Why would two cultures on opposite ends of the World have almost parallel stories? When modern science tells us that these two cultures shouldn't have had any contact with each other. Is it coincidence or is it something more? 

The Mayan Calender says that world as we know it will end on December 21, 2012. I'm not going to start spewing doomsday theories; because I think that what the Mayans were trying to tell us was that something significant is going to happen on that day. Not necessarily the end of civilization. The book of the Jaguar Priests of the Ancient Maya states that on that date the Human Race will be transcended into the next phase of evolution. They call it the "Great Awakening". I'm not saying that I believe this but, The Mayan Calendar has correctly predicted correctly every eclipse and solar phenomena since its creation 3,000 years ago. How did ancient people come to possess this knowledge? Who helped them? It's a question that I think must be explored to be able to understand the history of our race. I think we have lost some knowledge of our history because no matter where you look; whether it is in the Kolbrin , the Sumerian Tablets, Holy Bible, Koran, Native American folklore, Aztec legends, ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, Hindu Sanskrit’s, Ancient China, or the Norse people. All stories of creation are almost parallel to each other. They all state that some being came down from the Heaven’s and created us in their image. Are we all expected to believe that all ancient cultures have the same creation story by coincidence?

I think that all humans have an innate desire to know where it is we come from and what our purpose is. It is what drove me to research this and write this blog. I'm not saying that I believe this and we all need to throw away everything we've been taught to believe. All I'm saying is that we have to be open to all possibilities of origin to really understand where we come from and where we're going. 

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  1. Its truly unknown where we hail from. Truth is everyone has their own thoughts about where they came from or what created them. The only truth we know is that we came from our mother's womb and we live day to day uncertain of what's will be in our tomorrow. I personally think that this is a good read and makes me think that there are other ways of thinking in everyone around us.