Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DS 106

I have chosen to pull from the visual section of DS106. I've always considered myself to be a visual person so this just fits right in with my learning style. In most of these visual blogs however there is no text it is just pictures. Some are funny. Some are telling. Most of the bloggers get there images from pinterest. Which is a very good source for copyright free images.

The first blog I came across in the visual section is called "Demotivate Yourself" The Man The Myth The Paul. He has done several blogs in which he analyzes pictures, creates his own, or edits pictures to make a point. His blogs are very interesting and worth a look. Some are even good for a quick laugh. I'm not really sure what to make of the DS 106 course. I don't know enough about it yet to say definitively whether or not I would want to take this course. If you judge the book by the cover though it looks very interesting and worth looking into. Here you can see his demotivational poster he created. Funny stuff.

Another blog that I found humerus was "fat cats make art better" GrotoGrotto. He takes several classical art pictures and adds fat cats to them. One example is The Scream by Edvard Munch. He takes this classic piece of art and sits a fat cat on top of the screamer. I'm a sucker for funny photos of cats so anytime someone adds fat cats to classical art it gets my attention. I found this picture particularly hilarious. Simply because this painting was intended to be serious but just by adding a cat to the equation it completely changed the painting. Here you can see this picture. Try not to laugh.

As I said in the 2nd paragraph of this post I don't know enough about this course yet to make a decision on whether or not I would want to take this. It looks very interesting. I did use to make demotivationals for my high school computer class. I haven't done this since however. One of the reasons I chose visuals is because I am a firm believer that a picture can tell a thousand words. I feel like a picture can tell you more about that moment than if someone was trying to explain what they saw. I'd much rather see a picture than to hear a story. 

*Blog below was done before this one. I forgot that this weeks blog was to be on DS 106. I will leave the other up and welcome comments for it even though it is not a class thing.*

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