Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Marxist Critique of "Metamorphosis" By Franz Kafka

Marxist Critique of "Metamorphosis" By Franz Kafka

In the beginning of the story the character transforms into a bug of some kind. Mr. Kafka leaves the interpretation of what particular kind up to the reader. In doing so, I feel he leaves the door open for any interpretation, especially for the Marxist theory.
  1. The essential question I chose to address for this piece is what values are being subverted by the author. There are many capitalist values in this piece that are being put down by the author. 
  2. Considering the stereotype of traveling salesman. Especially in the time period this piece was written. It's almost as if the writer was trying to say the character had it coming to him. When I read the text, personally the type of bug that I see is a cockroach. Because of the tendancies of the salesmen to lie to sell. But also in saying that he had it coming. I also see the writer was trying to say that he had no control over it. Because he would have been forced to do underhanded things to make money. Because money is the God of our society.  And people will lie, cheat, and steal to get it. 
  3. As the story continues. Gregor (cockroach) becomes increasingly ashamed of his appearance. And shuns the light and attention. This corresponds to the light of truth shining down on the evil, corrupt roots of capitalist society. A society where rich get richer and the poor are becoming increasingly poor. The middle-class has been squeezed almost out of existence. And when the truth comes out about the evil underbelly of society. They will run for cover and try to hide but there will be no place to hide when the people 'wake up' and realize what has been done to them for so long. Just as Gregor did in the story. 
  4. Gregor dies in the end of the story after overhearing his family talking of asking him to leave of his own accord. Gregor decides to go to his room and die. As he was determined to rid his family of his presence. I see his family as the people. They came together and collectively decided that Gregor would "destroy them all" if he were to stay. This is exactly what will happen to our society if we the people do not collectively get together and tell the banks, politicians, and lobbyists that WE are taking our country back from YOU and YOUR interests. And just as Gregor's family wanted him to leave on "his own accord" we will ask this of them. But most likely, they will not go quietly.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

William Blake "A Poison Tree" A Marxist Critique

In 1794 an English poet named William Blake wrote a collection of poems. One of the poems in the compilation was "A Poison Tree". My essential question that ties to the Marxist Literary Theory is, What Social Class Is The Writer?
  1. William Blake, in addition to being a poet, was also a dissenter who broke away from the Anglican Church. He also spoke openly in his poems his disdain for established religion and the establishment.  
  2. "A Poison Tree" was included in the collection "Songs of Innocence" in 1794. This work is regarded as being one of Blake's "hidden gems". My question is, what social class was he? Was he expressing his frustrations with the bourgeoisie? Or was he one of them, writing of the upper class suppression of the workers?
  3. The Gordon Riots of 1780 is where we can find our answer. William Blake accompanied protesters on a march on the parliament building. According to biographers, he was in the fore-front of the mob. These protests were sparked in response to elimination of penalties against the Roman Catholic Church. The protesters were made up of an unruly proletariat as described by researchers.

  4. With this information I can safely assume that the social class of William Blake was the working class. Blake seemed to be ahead of his time. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

EH-102 Video assignment.

Lupe Fiasco-"Words I Never Said"

"Words I Never Said" is a 2011 song released by Lupe Fiasco. I chose this video for this assignment because the lyrics speak to my views on society at-large. Banks are corrupt, war is everywhere, and politicians seem completely out of touch with the people. "I think that all the silence is worse than all the violence" explains my view that we know this is happening but we won't collectively stand up and say "no more".

Monday, April 23, 2012

Final Assessment

Since the beginning of this semester I have worked very hard at getting my writing up to par. In the beginning I did not know how to effectively write and get my opinions out there. I feel like I have done a good job of progressing along in this field since the beginning of the semester, especially since the middle of the term. Since then, I feel my posts have been progressively better and more thought out. I also feel that my grammar has steadily improved over the course of the term. My 1st few posts were very rough and not worthy of being included on my portfolio. But I am very proud of how I have progressed through the course of the class.

The post I am most proud of is the “Georgia Guidestones” post. In this post I effectively brought all the information I had on the topic out. Also, I feel I did a good job of formulating my thoughts on the topic to what I think made a very good blog post.  Some of the things I have to continue to work on are developing my thesis. I have trouble sometimes because I get very adamant about a certain topic and ramble on and get on a tangent. When I do this, sometimes my words come out jumbled and disorganized. It also makes my post a bit harder to read because of the confusion this creates. I plan on continuing to work on this as I make the transition out of 101 and into 102. I know that with this transition comes hard work and the writing we will be expected to do in 102 will be much more in depth and all around more difficult than the 101 class. However, with this in mind, I am confident in my abilities to move on and continue to progress in an effective manner. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

King Of Meltdowns

"I'm on a drug, it's called Charlie Sheen." 
-Charlie Sheen
This visual assignment we were asked to find a picture of a celebrity of our choice and find a quote by them that goes with the picture. I chose Charlie Sheen because I always thought that he was funny and even when he was going through his meltdown he still made it funny. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This week I decided to do the visual assignment on sunsets. We were asked to take a picture of a sunset and write an accompanying post. I took this picture over spring break in Panama City Beach, FL. I've always like sunset. There is something about that time of day that seems more peaceful than any other time of day. This time of day is always better at the beach. Where you can have a much better view of the sunset as compared to the view we have at home. I like this picture because I took it right before the sun went down. You can still see the top of the Sun poking up from the Gulf. Chilling on the balcony at sunset at the beach is also very relaxing. The waves crashing and the wind through the palm trees provide a nice soundtrack that fits in well with this part of the day. I do not enjoy the sunset back home as much as I do when I am on the coast. It's a much better view. I find it interesting at sunset how the sky changes all different shades of orange. The skyline at this time of day is always a sight to behold. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


For the juxtaposition assignment we were asked to place an art picture and a movie clip together and find a deep connection with the two. I found the picture of Jesus arm wrestling the devil on Google images and the star wars clip is from YouTube. The connection I found was that in the Bible it says that God and Satan are fighting for the 'keys to the kingdom'. A struggle between light and dark as it were. In the movie saga Star Wars I find a striking resemblance to the biblical story of Good vs. Evil. In the clip above Yoda is fighting Emperor Palpatine. Yoda is called, the master, he is the highest ranking Jedi in the order. The Emperor is called many names, Darth Sideous, The Prince of Darkness, Dark Lord of the Sith. And in the clip they are literally fighting for the 'keys to the kingdom' in the senate chamber. I also found that if you look at the Star Wars saga as a whole, it's kind of like the book of Revelations when you think about it. When you look at it in Episode I Palpatine rose through the ranks posing as a great friend to the republic. He deceived his way to total control. In Revelations it says that the anti-Christ will be the 'Great Deceiver'. Then he orchestrated a Civil War within the Republic, using it to assume 'Emergency Powers'. By episode 3 he had assumed dictoral control. Than he established the tyrannical Galactic Empire but his reign only lasted for a 'short time'. The same is said in Revelations when it says that the devil will be allowed to rule the earth again, but only for a short time. Than in episode 7 Luke Skywalker saves the galaxy from the Empire, and ushers in a new age of peace and harmony in the Republic. The same is said in Revelations that when Jesus returns we will have 1000 years of peace on Earth. I could be reaching but it's just what I see.