Tuesday, April 3, 2012


For the juxtaposition assignment we were asked to place an art picture and a movie clip together and find a deep connection with the two. I found the picture of Jesus arm wrestling the devil on Google images and the star wars clip is from YouTube. The connection I found was that in the Bible it says that God and Satan are fighting for the 'keys to the kingdom'. A struggle between light and dark as it were. In the movie saga Star Wars I find a striking resemblance to the biblical story of Good vs. Evil. In the clip above Yoda is fighting Emperor Palpatine. Yoda is called, the master, he is the highest ranking Jedi in the order. The Emperor is called many names, Darth Sideous, The Prince of Darkness, Dark Lord of the Sith. And in the clip they are literally fighting for the 'keys to the kingdom' in the senate chamber. I also found that if you look at the Star Wars saga as a whole, it's kind of like the book of Revelations when you think about it. When you look at it in Episode I Palpatine rose through the ranks posing as a great friend to the republic. He deceived his way to total control. In Revelations it says that the anti-Christ will be the 'Great Deceiver'. Then he orchestrated a Civil War within the Republic, using it to assume 'Emergency Powers'. By episode 3 he had assumed dictoral control. Than he established the tyrannical Galactic Empire but his reign only lasted for a 'short time'. The same is said in Revelations when it says that the devil will be allowed to rule the earth again, but only for a short time. Than in episode 7 Luke Skywalker saves the galaxy from the Empire, and ushers in a new age of peace and harmony in the Republic. The same is said in Revelations that when Jesus returns we will have 1000 years of peace on Earth. I could be reaching but it's just what I see. 


  1. Austin, This is a great comparison, never thought about Star Wars being compared to Revelations. I look forward to that great peace at the end. Great analogy and food for thought.

  2. Austin, This is a great comparison. I had never thought about Star Wars and Revelations in that way. Thank you for the insight of your vision. I look forward to the day of peace. Thank you